38. Killing in the name – Rage against the Machine

Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!!!!!!

This song is one of my all time favourites. I have seen RATM at a big day out in 1996 with my sister. Then in 2008, while I was in Nepal, I listened to them via my mobile phone, where my sister was watching them at a big day out. I love how listening to a song can bring back such random memories.


34. Release Yo’Delf – Method Man

In 1995, Rebirth of Cool Phive was released and I discovered some awesome tracks, one of which was the Prodigy remix of Method Man’s song Release Yo’Delf. It was amongst some awesome music by Ben Harper, Tricky, The Beastie Boys, MC Solaar, Massive Attack, Coldcut, Portishead, Kruder & Dorfmeister, etc.

I haven’t played this album for years but I think its back on the playlist, 20 years after its release.

32. Are you the one? – The Presets

I discovered the Presets in 2005 and have been in love with their music ever since. I have seen them play in small venues in 2005 in Canberra to massive festivals such as Field Day on the 1st January 2010 and Groovin the Moo in Canberra in 2014. Always amazing, this is one of my favourite songs but to be honest My People, Down, Down, Down and a few others come in a close 2nd.

30. Piano Man – Billy Joel

So this is definitely my favourite Billy Joel song but I tried to do a poll with friends on Facebook to work out a top ten, it wasn’t so successful :-).

Piano Man came first with 3 votes, Innocent Man a close second with 2 votes and then 9 other songs with 1 vote each……Honesty, She’s always a woman, modern woman, just the way you are, good night saigon, up town girl, we didn’t start the fire, my life, new york state of mind…….

it is very challenging to pick just one Billy Joel song but equally as challenging to get a top five or ten.

The reason I wanted to pick a Billy Joel song is that he is an artist that we listened to a lot as kids, and I mean a lot. I have been to two of his concerts and they were both amazing. Brilliant guy and any of his songs bring back fond memories of my childhood.

Dedicated to Mum, Terri and Jo. xxxx

29. Dead Souls – Nine Inch Nails

This song is dedicated to Brandon Lee, RIP. He would have been 50 years old today. This song is a Joy Division cover from the soundtrack of The Crow, his last movie and one of my favourite soundtracks. A friend of mine reminded me of this today and I have re-added it to my playlists on iTunes. This song and the rest of the soundtrack are as great as I remember them.