Playlists on Spotify

My favourite Spotify playlists, not in any particular order.

  1. Women in Hip Hop
  2. Songs by Sistas that shaped my sound by Kaylah Tyson (aka Kayla Truth)
  3. Black Panther – The Album Music From and Inspired by
  4. Odette loves these Hot Trax
  5. Chill the Fuck Out
  6. Electro Workout –  great for running
  7. The Hip Hop Show on Triple J
  8. I Love My 90s Hip Hop
  9. Train of Thought by Birdz
  10. Since Ali Died by Omar Musa
  11. Triple J Hitlist
  12. Study Vibes – great for when you need to shit done at work, I used to play this one a lot last year when I was finishing uni.
  13. musical women by Montaigne
  14. Top-Shelf Electronic
  15. Black Australia
  16. This is Talking Heads
  17. Deadly Hearts
  18. Layers by Royce Da 5’9′
  19. Jorja Smith
  20. Cub Sport – Bats



Baker Boy – Cloud9 (feat Kian) (July 23rd 2017)

This song has been played a lot recently on Triple J and my daughter and I love it. I am a big fan of Aussie Hip Hop and its great to hear a song performed in English and Yolngu Matha (from Northeast Arnhem Land). The more I hear about this guy, the more I am impressed at how much he has done for someone so young, only 20 and doing great work with communities all over Australia, with the Indigenous Hip Hop Projects. Baker Boy also won a Triple J Unearthed comp to play at the National Indigenous Music Awards in August 2017.

Enjoy, the chorus is killer and will get stuck in your head!

48. Baker Boy – Cloud9

Chemical Beats – The Chemical Brothers (June 14th 2017)

This is one of the first songs I heard from the Chemical Brothers, that they had first released under their original name the Dust Brothers. I said on an earlier post that the Prodigy got me into electronic music but I was wrong, these guys did and the Prodigy was a definite close second.

Any song by the Chemical Brothers reminds me of my sisters who I have seen them with a few times, most memorable was the Big Day Out in Sydney in 2000. I’m pretty sure I also saw them the next night at the Hordern Pavilion. The good old days when I could go out two nights in a row and be fine the next day. 🙂

This song is from their first album and I bought it on CD, second hand from this awesome second hand store in Blacktown (Western Sydney). I found some great music at that place.

These two guys can do no wrong in my eyes. The music never ages and is still danceable and relevant today.

47. Chemical Beats – The Chemical Brothers


Burn the witch – Radiohead (June 6th 2017)

This song came out just before I went to the UK on a holiday in 2016. For some reason it has a calming effect on my daughter which was brilliant as she was having some, lets call it ‘behaviour issues’ at the time.  So we were on holidays in London and this song was my saviour….

My favourite line from this song is “this is a low flying panic attack” maybe this reflects how I felt every time I thought a tantrum was looming perhaps…..thank you Radiohead for this beautiful song.

Check out the link to the video clip for this song, wow!

46. Burn the witch – Radiohead

Opiate – Tool (May 5th 2016)

So I discovered Tool in about 1995, I went to the music festival Alternative Nation, but it wasn’t until around 1997 when I saw them at Macquarie Uni Equinox Festival that I was hooked. This EP and the next two albums (Undertow and Ænima) are my favourites, I kind of lost my way with Tool after that….. I have played all 3 albums over and over and over again. I found a live version of this track and it reminds me of how I just went off at a Big Day Out watching them (2007). (I”m really trying to not write awesome as I’m pretty sure its how I describe each song I have written about so far, however, Tool are F&^king awesome and so is this song).


Let’s Go Crazy – Prince (April 21st 2016)

I woke up to sad news today, RIP Prince. Not really sure what to write about someone so amazing, creative, legendary and a musical genius.

I grew up listening to his music and this song to me encourages you to live life to the fullest and celebrate the great things you have like friends, family, etc. There were so many songs I wanted to post about but this one today has meaning for me, while I write this with tears in my eyes.

Lets celebrate Prince, RIP.

44. Let’s Go Crazy – Prince

Golden Years – David Bowie (February 2nd 2016)

Its taken a while for me to write this as I wanted to pick the right song….and I have chosen Golden Years.

I’m sure this has happened to everyone (except die hard Bowie fans) that you love this song you have heard by one of your favourite artists, only to realise its actually a David Bowie track.

My experience of this is with Golden Years. I got the soundtrack to Dead Man on Campus, not the best movie, but amazing soundtrack. On it is Marilyn Manson’s cover version of Golden Years. Clueless me thought it was his own song. The year was 1998 when I was 23 years old, not realising the song actually came out about 2 months after I was born in 1975. I’m not sure when I made this discovery as to who the original artist was but it was not a surprise.

This just proves to me that he is an amazing artist and his music does not age. It was great when it was released, its great now and will be in the future when my daughter is um 40 like me!!!!

You will be missed. RIP.

Golden Years – David Bowie

Little Green Bag – George Baker (Feb 2nd 2016)

This is one of my favourite songs from the movie soundtrack for Reservoir Dogs. I watched it a few months back with a friend and although the blood looked a bit faker than I remember, still a pretty awesome movie. And this song is too….I would never have been exposed to music like this if it hadn’t been for Tarantino films like this. Brilliant!

Little Green Bag – George Baker



Imagine – John Lennon (November 11th 2015)

I went to New York city recently and was lucky enough to be part of a human peace sign to commemorate John Lennon’s birthday, in Central Park. So my song for this blog is Imagine by John Lennon. This was played at the event when they were taking an aerial photograph for the world record attempt. It was an emotional moment, I may have teared up a bit. Wow what an experience and to do this with my mum and sister.

41. Imagine – John Lennon


No Rain – Blind Melon (August 8th 2015)

This song is both a happy and sad track. Happy, upbeat music and a great ending to the film clip but the video and lyrics touch on bullying / depression / trying  to fit in – issues I guess most people have dealt with in their lives.

I love how the little girl in the bumble bee outfit, finds her people at the end of the film clip…..makes me smile every time I watch it, gives me a sense of hope.

40. No Rain – Blind Melon