Playlists on Spotify

My favourite Spotify playlists, not in any particular order.

  1. Women in Hip Hop
  2. Songs by Sistas that shaped my sound by Kaylah Tyson (aka Kayla Truth)
  3. Black Panther – The Album Music From and Inspired by
  4. Odette loves these Hot Trax
  5. Chill the Fuck Out
  6. Electro Workout –Ā  great for running
  7. The Hip Hop Show on Triple J
  8. I Love My 90s Hip Hop
  9. Train of Thought by Birdz
  10. Since Ali Died by Omar Musa
  11. Triple J Hitlist
  12. Study Vibes – great for when you need to shit done at work, I used to play this one a lot last year when I was finishing uni.
  13. musical women by Montaigne
  14. Top-Shelf Electronic
  15. Black Australia
  16. This is Talking Heads
  17. Deadly Hearts
  18. Layers by Royce Da 5’9′
  19. Jorja Smith
  20. Cub Sport – Bats



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