Start with Why – Simon Sinek (February 23rd 2018)

This book was recommended to me through a doTERRA training video in 2016 and then it seemed to come up everywhere in work presentations, friends talking about it, etc so I thought that must be a sign to read this and see what all the fuss is about.

I really liked the book as it explains how to develop your Why and how to use it to make decisions and create goals. There is also a TED talk that Simon does that summarises how to develop your Why!


My only criticism of this book is there are too many examples from organisations like Apple, too many about men and not enough from women in leadership roles. My favourite example is in Chapter 11 about Christina Harbridge who turns around a debt collection company by measuring positive interactions with clients, she talks about what gets measured gets done. I like this example as it shows that being kind, caring and listening truly works, even in a debt collection company where you would assume all clients will be angry as soon as you mention where you are calling from. I like the measures that she used to show that her methods showed an improvement, positive interactions with clients. I work in quality improvement in healthcare so this is my bread and butter and this was such a great example of being creative with data collection, being customer/client focused and putting things in place that showed an improvement financially but also with the interactions with clients.

TED talk with Simon Sinek

What I learnt from the book and TED talk?

  • Filter decisions through your why? This helps you make decisions that align with your why and your goals.
  • Do things that make sense to your why as this shows you are true to yourself and your why!
  • Focus less on competing with others and compete with yourself. Try to be better than you were last week. Competing with others can lead to negative feelings, low self esteem and it just doesn’t make  you feel good about yourself.

    My why!

  • My Work Why! – it is to make a difference in the lives of patients in healthcare, by supporting staff to improve work practices through education, support and training.
  • Why no 2 – to encourage and improve self care in women, by sharing my experiences such as using essential oils, exercising, meditating, etc by running classes teaching about essential oils as well as sharing my experiences on a daily basis or through social media or my blog page.

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