How to order Essential Oils

If you are interested in ordering high quality essential oils, please click on the link and follow the instructions below:

DōTERRA membership

Every enrolment with dōTERRA includes:
🌱 Access to wholesale prices (25% off retail) for as long as you like
🌱 Access to dōTERRA’s loyalty rewards program (points-based program to receive free dōTERRA products)
🌱 Access to our essential oil use support community, including an active and supportive facebook group
🌱 My ongoing support – any questions you have, I am here to help you 🙂
🌱 The opportunity to access our mentoring community and build your own business helping others 💚
🌱 and of course access to the most incredible, best quality, pure essential oils, Yay!

Membership is $35 or free on enrolment with a kit. I recommend starting your dōTERRA membership with the home essentials kit as it equipped with with the “essential essentials” for your home, and is the best value for money.

Next month, you can start taking advantage of the loyalty rewards program to gradually build your collection. An annual fee of $25 is introduced if you choose to stay enrolled for over a year, and this is typically offset by dōTERRA sending out a free bottle of 15ml peppermint oil when this payment is made.

How to order

To sign up as a member, you start from this webpage:
My doTERRA website

From there:

🌱Select “Join and Save” from the menu
🌱Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you.
🌱Select Local (OTG) order
🌱Select Wholesale Prices
🌱 Enter your details; at enroller id, please enter my number; it’s 3947982.
🌱Choose the enrolment kit you are after. I recommend including the fractionated coconut oil to your order as it is very handy for dilution & only $16.50.
🌱Finish with your CC details and your oils will soon be on their way to you!
🌱Once your payment processes, you will be prompted to set up your Loyalty Rewards Program order. This ships between the 1st and the 15th of each month, and you can cancel or change your order up until the day before; you won’t be charged until this order is processed. For ease I recommend setting this up now for next month with oils you’d like to add to your collection.


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