31. Wicked Games – The Weeknd

Happy F&%king Valentines Day……


30. Piano Man – Billy Joel

So this is definitely my favourite Billy Joel song but I tried to do a poll with friends on Facebook to work out a top ten, it wasn’t so successful :-).

Piano Man came first with 3 votes, Innocent Man a close second with 2 votes and then 9 other songs with 1 vote each……Honesty, She’s always a woman, modern woman, just the way you are, good night saigon, up town girl, we didn’t start the fire, my life, new york state of mind…….

it is very challenging to pick just one Billy Joel song but equally as challenging to get a top five or ten.

The reason I wanted to pick a Billy Joel song is that he is an artist that we listened to a lot as kids, and I mean a lot. I have been to two of his concerts and they were both amazing. Brilliant guy and any of his songs bring back fond memories of my childhood.

Dedicated to Mum, Terri and Jo. xxxx

26. Burn the pages – Sia

I love Sia. she has the best lyrics and that voice, seriously, how is that possible??? she has written songs that I wouldn’t admit publicly that I like such as Diamonds by Rihanna,

Below is an excerpt from this song that I try to live by…i.e. not living in the past

“…..Yesterday is gone and you will be OK
Place your past into a book
Burn the pages let them cook
Yesterday is dead and gone and so today
Place your past into a book
Burn the pages let them cook…….”