12. Take the Long Way Home – Supertramp

This song brings back childhood memories of road trips from Sydney to Glen Innes and back again. At the time my parents would have been in their early 20’s, an age where it was not unusual to play an album to death.

Why? It is a great track that brings back happy childhood memories. Enjoy.

This one is dedicated to my sister, Terri, who had to endure/enjoy Supertramp, Breakfast in America and to my friend Brecko who bought me the CD for my 18th birthday.


7. Feel the Love – Rudimental

Why? It is a song that I can still dance to stupidly around the kitchen, even though its been out for a while (since April 2012). Got that DnB feel to it.

Saw them at the UC Refectory in October 2013, first time in a long time that I went to a gig by myself. They were amazing, this is still my favourite song of theirs but really anything they do is gold.

6. So What’cha Want – The Beastie Boys

Another song that I think would definitely be in my top ten.

This song was my introduction to the Beastie Boys when I was about 15 years old, yes that means I am officially old school, or just old!

Saw them in concert at the Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (1999 – Hello Nasty tour) and at Good Vibrations in 2007, best concert ever with two of my sisters, both times.


4. High – Peking Duk

This song is awesome and I had the best time seeing these guys at Groovin’ The Moo 2014 in Canberra. When this song played, the crowd went freakin’ crazy.

Why? I love this song because its fun, great to dance to and I haven’t got sick of it even though it is played to death everywhere.

3. Faded – Zhu

This song has been played a lot recently on Triple J, so much so that my daughter can sing along. Probably not the best lyrics for a 3 and a half year old to sing but very cute all the same.

Why? I love it because every time I hear it, it reminds me of my daughter singing along plus its a great track that is funky, makes you want to dance and makes me feel happy.